With rumors consuming Washington that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (who has faced months of attacks from the president for refusing to shut down the Special Counsel’s investigation) will either be fired or resign under pressure, Trump and his administration prepare for talks with Rosenstein this Thursday. Many of the President’s closest congressional and conservative allies have urged the President not to facilitate Rosensteins departure.

He shouldn’t fire Rosenstein unless you believe Rosenstein is lying. He said he did not do the things alleged…”  – Lindsey Graham, Senator (R-SC), 9/23/2018

I have a message for the President tonight, under zero circumstances should the president fire anybody. The president needs to know it is all a setup.” – Sean Hannity, Fox News Commentator,  9/21/2018

If you were laying a trap for Donald Trump, this might be exactly how you do it before moving forward. The president might ask himself, why do Andy McCabe and the New York Times want me to fire Rod Rosenstein?” – Tucker Carlson, Fox News Commentator, 9/21/2018

Rod Rosenstein should have his fair day in court.” – Devin Nunes, House Intelligence Committee Chairman (R-CA), 9/23/2018

Give Rod a chance to explain whether or not it’s true.” – Trey Gowdy, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman (R-SC) 9/23/2018

If the President fires Rosenstein, he will be disregarding the advice of many Republicans – not least among them Mitch McConnell…”  – Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Contributor, 9/24/2018

Rosenstein shouldn’t resign. He should for Trump to fire him. And then Trump and the cowardly Republicans will pay a huge price for firing him. And they should pay a huge price. No man is above the law. Not even the President of the United States.”  – Joe Walsh, former Congressman (R-IL), 9/24/2018

…Rosenstein has protected Mueller, authorized him and SDNY to be aggressive, coordinated within DOJ and supervised in a helpful way. Someone else could slw walk requests and complicate things in a way that could hinder – even if not so visibly – the investigation.” – Bill Kristol, Conservative Commentator, 9/24/2018