Mueller: Manafort Brings Conspiracy From Campaign To Trump’s White House

Special Counsel Mueller today released his memo on Paul Manafort’s lies to federal prosecutors that included lies about contacts with Konstantin Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian military intelligence, and his contacts with members of President Trump’s White House.

“Mueller is exposing President Trump’s longtime campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s lies both about his contacts with a Russian with ties to military intelligence as well as his contact with Trump’s White House as late as 2018. Potential criminal conspiracy between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign extended from the campaign to the administration. This news from the Special Counsel comes the same day the President announced his handpicked nominee for Attorney General who has been hostile to the Mueller investigation. It should be a wake up call for senators who say they support Mueller, and those senators should demand a commitment from Bill Barr that he will allow Mueller to complete the investigation without interference and release the report publicly,” said Kevin McAlister, Law Works.

President Trump’s attorney general nominee Bill Barr’s own public statements demonstrate how he might undermine Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and politicize the Justice Department:

  • Barr played down the evidence that President Trump obstructed justice.
  • Barr criticized Special Counsel Mueller’s choice of prosecutors.
  • Barr advocated instead for investigating President Trump’s campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton, and said the Justice Department was “abdicating its responsibility” for not investigating.
  • Barr has argued ways in which the president should limit rightful Congressional oversight.