Whitaker Must Recuse Himself and Allow Rosenstein To Continue Overseeing Mueller

The Washington Post is reporting Matt Whitaker would interfere with Special Counsel Mueller’s ability to follow the facts by preventing him from issuing a subpoena to compel President Trump to testify. The paper reports that “two people close to Whitaker also said they strongly believe he would not approve any request from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to subpoena the president. Mueller and Trump’s lawyers have negotiated for months about a possible interview, with no agreement in sight.”

“The President’s hand picked loyalist has been on the job less than 24 hours and every indication already is that he will sabotage the Mueller investigation. Whitaker does not have the independence to oversee the investigation. In fact, he was chosen to march in lockstep with the White House. Special Counsel Mueller must be allowed to follow the facts and prosecute crimes when he uncovers them. Nobody is above the law, not even the president,” said Kevin McAlister, Law Works.